I began tutoring math in 1975 as an in-class tutor at Honolulu Community College, where the math department utilized a system called PSI, Personalized System of Instruction.

I have incorporated elements of this "at-your-own-pace" system into my methods of instruction ever since. Learning math can be very impersonal, sterile and unforgiving, especially in a large class room setting with strict deadlines for homework assignments and exam dates. I find that students do better with a less severe, more accommodative approach.

If you need preparation for an upcoming math course at school,  I strongly recommend knowing as much of the class content as possible, at least being one step ahead of classroom lectures, before you even set foot in the classroom. That way classroom lectures will serve as a review and you should do well on exams. The study materials that I utilize for academic achievement tests consist of actual test problems which should make exam time there familiar territory as well.

I offer individual tutoring or small group instruction (three students or less), in the following subjects and academic achievement exams:

Basic Math
Introduction to Algebra
Introduction to Calculus

Contact me for a free SAT math skills assessment and two free hours of tutoring. Take the math sections of an actual, recent SAT exam and receive two free hours of help with the problems that you got incorrect or had difficulty with. No charge. No strings.


P.O. Box 30783 
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93130

(805) 968-7009 


Honolulu Community College, AA (Honors) 1976 


1972 - Current

Mathematics Tutor - California and Hawaii 
Tutoring of all age levels in the home and learning centers 
including Ventura College and Sylvan. Primarily in the cities 
and counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and 
Honolulu. Some students referred by academic counselors at 
local high schools including Nordhoff High School, Ojai, California
and Laguna Blanca School, Santa Barbara, California. 

1982 - 1983

Nova Academy, San Francisco, California 
Instructor of Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. 
Structure and teach classes for grades seven through twelve

1976 -1980

The Learning Center Inc., Pearl City, Hawaii 
Mathematics Instructor - Structure and teach mathematics 
classes for grades two through twelve. Administer 
diagnostic and evaluation exams and handle accounts


1975 - 1978

Honolulu Community College, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Mathematics Tutor - Tutoring at the Learning Assistance 
Center. In-class tutoring and instructor’s aide.

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